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If you are reading this, I assume you have something you are worrying about? It might be a problem you have been grappling with alone, or something that is causing upset between you and another. Maybe you feel angry, trapped, undervalued, insecure or distrustful of a partner - or undecided about decisions that you feel need making?

Or, maybe you have noticed that you are having the same, repetitive, unresolved, angry arguments that leave you both feeling angry and isolated? Maybe your sexual relationship has become dull and boring and you are not sure how to improve things, or you’ve had an affair and don’t know whether to leave your partner or tell them? Maybe you are involved in risky sexual behaviours that you feel trapped by and don’t know how to manage them?

How can Counselling Help?

These thoughts often feel overwhelming, particularly if you have been thinking and mulling them over for some time. It may also feel frightening to consider making changes, so you go through the same options over and over again without feeling as if you are making any progress. Part of what might be worrying you is whether your problem/s are ‘big enough’ or ‘serious enough’ to get professional help, or whether solving it is something you should be able to manage on your own?

If any of this feels familiar, ask yourself this question: do you think your worrying is making any difference or helping you solve your problem? If you are not sure or if you feel stuck, maybe it’s worth considering sharing your concerns with me?

"Michele's caring empathetic but structured approach coupled with a wide range of expertise has been invaluable in helping me deal with my loss" - Steve
"We are just so much happier together, we look forward to doing things together, argue less and our home is much more harmonious" - Alison and John

Things to consider when choosing a therapist

Entering therapy requires commitment and trust, so choosing someone you can build a relationship with is really important.

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They are the basis of how we come to understand who we are. Loving and being loved is vital to our well-being. It makes us feel safe, connected and offers us space to belong..

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About Me

The people I see often tell me of the time it has taken to make a decision to get some help: their sense of failure for not being able to solve their problems on their own..

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