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Mindfulness / Focused Attention

Mindfulness / Focused Attention

Being mindful is an approach to living – a practise rather than a fad or learned technique. It’s about learning to focus one’s attention or being aware of the moment-by-moment flow of life’s events. By being present, we are better able to recognise our options and choices so that we respond rather than react to different situations.

Mindfulness has been shown to be effective with many different health problems like depression or chronic pain but it is equally useful for managing the frantic ‘busyness’ of a mind that won’t stop thinking.  By being in our head all the time, we don’t experience living or the joy and happiness that can only be felt as it is happening.  Nothing ever happened to us in the past or the future, which is where our mind is most of the time. It only can only be experienced now. As a result, happiness, joy, calm, and acceptance all pass us by because we are not present to experience it.

Like the learning of any new skill, mindfulness requires patience and dedicated practice…In order to experience its benefits it requires a real commitment to stick with it and do the work every day.

There is loads of information on this topic available, experiencing rather than thinking or reading about it is what makes the difference.

I have been working with mindfulness practise for almost a decade. Let me help you stop thinking and start living.

Who is this for: Given the stressors of our modern day life, this work will benefit anyone and everyone – from children to busy executives. I think we all could benefit from learning these practises.


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