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What sort of counselling do I offer?

My approach is always about relationships. These include: couples, families, siblings, friends and work colleagues. I believe that all we come to believe we are affected by our dynamic interactions with others. This may include parents, friends, workmates, partners and families as well as the community we live in. As a result, a lot of our problems come from how we experience these interactions. This is why a lot of our work together will focus on how you have come to believe the things that you do, how you interpret the words and actions of those around you and the meanings and assumptions you attribute to the behaviours around you, so we can find out where these thoughts/ideas create problems in your relationships.

I also work with issues that affect relationships, e.g. depression, so that we find better solutions to living with our own or our partners difficulties as well as learn how to ask for help if/when it is needed.


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Michele McCulley is an accredited member of the BACP

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