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Why come to me?

The people I see have often gone through a similar process to get to me. They describe the length of time it has taken for them to make a decision to get some help, their sense of failure for not being able to solve their problems on their own, their fear of getting ‘professional help’. They mention the many self-help books that they have read and their on-going procrastination with mulling things over.  My clients often have similar symptoms from their worries: anxiety, depression, fears, panic, and desperation. However – and this is really important – the nature, cause and history of their problem is always as unique as they are. This means that resolving your problems is a unique undertaking that we embark on together, not a formularised process or a ‘one fits all’ approach. It’s about change, so I work with my clients on their understanding of their world, their relationships and the meanings of their words and conversations. It is a joint commitment and leap into the unknown. Neither of us knows where the process will take us…what I do know is that the journey can be scary and painful  (yes, for the therapist as well!) but it can also be exhilarating – as insight is gained and your relationship begins to change and grow.

For the last ten years I have worked with many courageous and dedicated people who have grappled, struggled, been disheartened, been angry but have also persevered to resolve their difficulties. Although tough, clients have also been inspired, enthused and delighted. However, this takes time and its worth remembering that in my experience things often get worse before they get better.

There is no doubt that this work is not for the fainthearted but I also have the courage to match it. Your choice to call me should be because you want a therapist who can walk the process of change with you every step of the way, who will really try to understand why parts of your world feel so difficult, who will value your individuality and will want to help you discover and change your ways of relating, so that you have a better sense of wellbeing, stronger relationships and more fulfilling sexual experiences.


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Michele McCulley is an accredited member of the BACP

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