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What has happened to my mojo?

It’s very unusual never to experience any sort of difficulty in terms of sexual arousal or performance – everybody has moments when they’re too tired or stressed, for example, but continuing sexual dysfunction can become a problem for some couples and, if so, it’s best to seek […]

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The relationship makeover

While some politicians are busy trying to find the best ways to measure how happy everybody is, it’s worth taking a little time to assess individual and collective levels of contentment for its own sake; how good is the quality of relationships in people’s lives, for example? […]

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Talking to your teenagers about anal sex

Many parents find it difficult to broach the topic of sex with their teenaged children, however with sufficient preparation the practical, matter of fact delivery of key information should be relatively straightforward and neither parents nor teenagers need be unduly embarrassed or uncomfortable. One central goal is […]

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Pornography and sexual addiction

Addiction to any substance, behaviour or activity is characterised by dependence, and whilst alcohol, tobacco and drugs are recognisable in everyday life as substances to which people can become addicted, it is sometimes harder to understand and to explain problematic behaviour resulting from a psychological disorder – […]

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Mindfulness and depression

Everyone can feel a bit low from time to time; this is a normal part of life and nothing to be unduly alarmed about. While sadness is normal, however, some people experience an extreme form of despair and hopelessness over a period of time, which may be […]

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Life after an affair

An affair is often the result of a damaged relationship, and in its aftermath focusing on working through the issues is an integral part of deciding whether it should be dissolved or repaired. Damage to a relationship causes hurt and often also a sense of loss; if […]

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